Made in the U.S.A.
 - The home of the industrial strength EPS foam coating machines from Xycorp, Inc. Please take a look at the Foam Coating Machinery that we have available for you. Generally, these machines apply a foam coat such as stucco to an EPS substrate.
We have machines that can do both straight pieces as well as radius or “arched “pieces. We also manufacture a complete line of foam cutting machinery.
Ease of use:
Our machines are capable of producing coated shapes without any special training for the operators.
Various Finishes:
You can produce a range of finishes from base/scratch coat, pre cast look and limestone are just to name a few.
Reduce Labor Cost:
Using the Auto Coat EPS Foam Coating equipment, foam is pushed through the mud box in a manner that requies very little touch up by hand.
Customer Support:
Our support staff is always available by phone should questions arise. This service is free for as long as you own the machine.
Our machines are built with the industrial environment in mind. All the electrical components are secured in a box under the machine.
With our own R&D department we always are looking into more effective and efficient ways to improve our foam coating process.